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Headaches/Sinusitis Specialist

John Paul Cardin Jr, MD

Family Medicine & Primary Care Physicians located in Long Beach, CA

If your headaches or sinusitis result in breathing problems, head pain, or other unpleasant side effects, you can rest easy knowing that numerous treatment options are within reach. At his self-titled practice in Long Beach, California, primary care physician John Paul Cardin Jr., MD, treats chronic headaches and sinus pain to help you feel better and improve your quality of life. Call his office today or schedule an appointment online.

Headaches/Sinusitis Q & A

What are headaches and sinusitis?

Everyone gets headaches from time to time. However, it’s considered a chronic condition if you have headaches 15 or more days each month, three months in a row.

Sinusitis is stuffiness due to inflamed, swollen nasal passages (sinuses) and mucus buildup. Symptoms of sinusitis include excess mucus drainage, difficulty breathing through your nose, and facial pain and tenderness.


What causes headaches?

If you suffer from regular headaches or migraines, they may be caused by a variety of factors. Examples include:

  • Inflammation of blood vessels near the brain
  • Certain medications or medication overuse
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • A brain tumor
  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Alcohol or caffeinated drinks
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Intense physical exertion
  • Vision problems


In some cases, changing your lifestyle and daily routine helps eliminate or reduce headaches. Other times, headaches can be the sign of a serious health condition and require medical intervention. That’s why scheduling an appointment with Dr. Cardin for your regular headaches  is important.


What causes sinusitis?

Sinusitis makes breathing through your nose difficult, and may cause pain and tenderness near your cheeks, eyes, nose, and forehead. Possible causes of sinusitis are:

  • Respiratory tract infections, such as a cold
  • Allergies
  • A deviated, or crooked, nasal septum
  • Nasal polyps, or growths, that block the sinuses
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Other immune-related diseases


Dr. Cardin first determines what’s causing sinusitis in order to establish an appropriate treatment that best matches your needs.


What is the best treatment for headaches and sinusitis?

Dr. Cardin completes an exam, goes over your medical history and symptoms, and may recommend blood or imaging tests to rule out more serious causes of headaches or sinusitis. The treatment that best matches your needs depends on the frequency, severity, and cause of your condition.


Possible treatments for headaches and migraines include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Oral medications
  • Pain-relieving medications
  • Natural remedies such as massage, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques


Dr. Cardin works with you to find a headache or migraine treatment you’re comfortable with.


If you have chronic sinusitis, Dr. Cardin may recommend:

  • Saline nasal rinses
  • Prescription nasal sprays
  • Oral medications
  • Injections
  • Antibiotics
  • Allergy shots
  • Surgery for severe cases


To learn more about which treatment options are right for you, call Dr. Cardin’s office today or book an appointment online.